Car Interior Shampooing and Cleaning | Foam Wash

Professional Sofa Shampooing Services at your Home or Premises

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Our Trained Fabric care staff at work

  • Best suited for Homes and Offices
  • Increases Life of the Upholstery
  • Kills bacteria and Germs with Steam as we sterilize
  • Removes Stains with ease, and Sucks all the dirt and dime.
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Our fully equipped van with the Advanced German machines and Imported cleaning accessories will come to your doorstep. You just relax while our professionally-trained and courteous staff is at work.

We also undertake Carpet Cleaning and Chair Shampooing and Cleaning

Step 1: Dissolve Advanced Imported eco-Friendly Tablet and stir to make the shampoo

Step 2: Deep Vacuum and remove dust

Step 3: Spray Shampoo using the Spray Injection machine

Step 4: Use Extraction machines and suck all the dirt out

Step 5: Quality Check and Repeat the process until all stains/dirt are removed. Apply Steam and Sterilize

We have performed thousands of specialist upholstery shampooing, and thus we have the training, knowledge and equipment to succeed at even the toughest and dirtiest specialist cleaning tasks. Our solution include

  • Dry cleaning and steam-heat extraction methods.
  • Variety of stain-treatment solutions.
  • Fabric protection systems to ensure the best possible cleaning results, every time.

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