Car Interior Shampooing and Cleaning | Foam Wash
Before Foam Wash/Full Wash

Full Wash: The High Pressure Car Wash with Foaming (FW) - This Service is available at our outlets only.

If you are looking for a Swirl Free High Pressure Car Wash at any of our CarWash Outlets, ask for Foam Wash. (Full Wash) Foam Wash includes Foaming, High pressure water wash, under body cleaning using Lance, Mat Cleaning, Tyre and Wheel Cleaning, Interior Power Vacuuming, Dashboard Cleaning, Glass Cleaning and Engine Cleaning - All done with Extreme Care required by your Car.

As you know, we use German machines. The Shampoo used is also imported from Germany, and we do not compromise on this at all. So, if you want to see your car soaking in real thick foam, come to our Outlets in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

Exterior Foam Wash Cleaning Process includes
Step 1. High Pressure Initial Water Wash to remove dirt. To ensure that dirt is not caught between Sponge and Paint, which can cause scratches to the paint
  Step 2. Apply Thick Snow like Foam using Foam Spray and Machines. Use Sponge Apply Foam. Intricate Areas are given special attention. E.g. Wheel, Tire. Brush will be applied on Tires alone.
  Step 3. Apply High Preesure Water Jet, and clean the entire Panel, Door Grooves, Bonnet, Fuel Filler Cap, Engine Area, Wheel, Tires.
  Step 4. Wipe it with Special Chamios Leather Cloth - which is known for quick absorbption and non-abrasive qualities.
  Step 5. Dry out the water left out with Drying Cloth
  Step 6. Final Quality Check and Finishing touches.

Basic Interior Cleaning is also part of the Full Wash. First the Interior is vaccuumed, mats are cleaned and dashboards are cleaned completely as well. Note that, Detailed Uphsolstery Shampooing is not part of Full Wash, and you will have to try our Silver or Gold package if looking for Detailed Upholstery Shampooing and Dirt Extraction from Seats and Carpets.

Full wash (Foaming Car Wash) takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes to complete, depending on how dirty the car is! 

To visit our Outlet, please see the map here with Address. Our Bangalore outlet is right next to DARE building, on Kaggadasapura Main road.  Call us on 81976 55582 for directions

High pressure Car wash
High pressure Car wash
After High Jet Pressure Foam Car Wash