Doorstep Car Interior Cleaning & Car detailing, Commercial Upholstery / Sofa Cleaning Services


Doorstep Services Pricing

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9611496115 / 9663664448 

Pricing at Drive-in Outlets

for Booking / inquiries, call

9663664448 (Bangalore South) 
97428 45554 (Bangalore West)
9611496115 (Bangalore East)
8197878547 (Bangalore North)

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A. Pricing of our Door Step Home Sofa Shampooing Services
  • Sofa Shampooing and Cleaning using High-end German Injection Extraction machines @ Rs. 350 per regular Sofa seat. (Large Sofas @ Rs.375 per seat)
  • Steam Sterilization for sofa if required @Rs 50 per seat [Note: Anti-bacterial Steam Sterilization skills bacteria and is recommended along with Sofa Shampooing]
  • For Cushions: Rs. 25 for Small; Rs. 50 For Medium/Large; Rs. 75 for Bolsters
  • Dining Table Char set of 6 @ 125 per Chair.
  • Carpet Cleaning Rs. 25 /sq ft. Bulk Carper Cleaning between Rs.2 & Rs.5 Rs based on volume
B. Pricing of our Door Step Car Care Services

Door Step Silver Package
Door Step Gold
(All in One = Silver+More)

Detailed Upholstery Shampooing Cleaning+ Vacuum Cleaning + Exterior Wash using Spray Gun and Microfiber Cloth
Detailed Upholstery Shampooing and Cleaning+ Vacuum Cleaning + Water-less Exterior Wash + Steam Interior Sterilization + AC Vent Cleaning using Steam+
Dashboard and Tire Polish + Manual Dry Waxing

Small Cars
/ Hatchback
1400 2400
Medium Cars/Sedan 1600 2600
SUVs and Large Premium Cars 18002800
Under body wash won't done at Door Step.

Pricing at our Car Wash Outlets

Body Wash

Water Wash,
Tyre&Wheel Cleaning
Basic Interior Cleaning

Dashboard Cleaning
Foam Full Wash
Body Wash + Basic Interior Cleaning + UnderBody + Mat&Boot Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning On Seats alone Detailed Upholstery Cleaning
on Ceiling& Doors &Seats & Carpet
Detailed Upholstery Shampooing and
Foaming Full Wash
More Pack:
Interior Sterilization
+Steam AC Vent Cleaning+
+Manual Dry
Waxing + Dashboard and Tire Polish

Detailed Upholstery Shampooing and Cleaning+ Foaming Full Wash + More Pack
Dry Waxing
Small Cars
/ Hatchback
250 150 400 800 1100 1400 1100 2400 150
Medium Cars/Sedan 300 150 450 1000 1300 1600 1100 2600 200
SUVs and Premium Cars 350 180 500 1200 1500 1800 1200 2800 250

Car Interior: Keep your car hygienic, safe and enriched. We do treatments for your car interiors to ensure that, it stays that way, for months to come. Silver Package removes even the deep Stains. Gold Package removes even the bad-odor and Sterilizes your Car Interior using Steam.

Car Exterior: Keep your car looking as good as new. MobiCarSpa's treatments protect and ensure the beauty and finish of your car, the shine of the exteriors last longer. We use award winning Karcher German Shampoo for Foaming and for Sparkling shine.

For Booking / inquiries, call
96636 64448 (Bangalore South) 
97428 45554 (Bangalore West)
96114 96115 (Bangalore East)
81978 78547 (Bangalore North)