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MobiCarSpa Franchisee Advantages

Hand-holding you to Success

Looking to start Car Wash Business in India? We have an opportunity to help you, to start your own successful car wash and detailing business.

1. Only MobiCarSpa has options of Doorstep franchisee and Outlet based car wash franchisee

2. MobiCarSpa is #1. Click here to see the comparison report, comparing all major players in Car Wash franchisee business

3. We power you with car wash process , right machines, ongoing support, cutting edge technology and marketing, leads via Business Assurance Program, and thus hand-hold you to success

4. We are specialists in Car Interior Shampooing and Sofa shampooing - You get the edge in a market where margins are high.

5. Low investment.

Here are few more reasons, on why you should become a MobiCarSpa franchisee/partner:

MobiCarSpa requires no previous experience

Do Not Worry!

We did not have it either, when we started way back in 2005. But, today, you have the brand of MobiCarSpa which is the #1 on internet web and mobile space in India - across many tier 1 and tier 2 cities. This is allowing us to assure you business in all those cities.

Also, we have developed a unique process and revenue generation model. We will train both you and your employees in the technical and process aspects of the Upholstery and Car Wash business. We also provide the training you need to operate and grow your business successfully. Supporting and providing excellent service to our brand partners is one of our main missions.

MobiCarSpa is Eco-Friendly

We are the first Eco-friendly door step upholstery cleaning and car wash specialists in India. This sets us aside from all other similar service providers. Parking garage owners seek our presence in their premises because we do not need tons of water to operate. They provide us with a ready and eager clientele while we provide their customers with a superb professional service and a professional image.

Makes a Difference

We make a difference in the environment by saving the precious resource of water and using no chemicals and harsh detergents that pollute the earth or harm your showroom finish. But, our mark does not stop there. We also make a difference in our communities by offering jobs and training to non-skill workers and thus creating employment and opportunities for a critical portion of our society.

One more thing! 

We want our partners(we some-times do not call them franchisees, as the model is quite simple and easy for any serious business to get started as a MobiCarSpa partner) to prosper and did not like the traditional franchise structure, so we decided to have a very simple structure and the total cost of investment between 6-8 Lakhs including all the partnership fees, machinery and service vehicle.