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Become a MobiCarSpa Partner / Franchisee

We have franchisee options for both A. Car Wash-Detailing Outlets and B. Car Care/Upholstery Shampooing Doorstep units. A Combi unit with Outlet and Doorstep unit is generally recommended for efficient utilization of Manpower and machines

A. MobiCarSpa’s Doorstep Business franchisee opportunity

After successful operations with a proven and well-organized model in few major cities of India, MobiCarSpa is preparing to expand its footprint across all major cities of India through Business Partners.

Business Partnership works on a very simple model.

Once partnership is awarded, you will be evaluated periodically based on the customer feedback received.

Do inform the MobiCarSpa customer support team, regarding your Leaves/Holidays and if any changes to work timings

B. MobiCarSpa's Car Wash Outlet franchisee opportunity

MobiCarSpa powered Car Wash outlets are enjoying success across major cities with ROI in 12 months. All the services offered at Doorstep are also available via MobiCarSpa outlets also. Additionally, outlets offer High Pressure Foam water Wash and Under body wash using lance.

Please do compare MobiCarSpa with leading players and make an informed choice.

Quick Summary

Carwash and Upholstery Franchise
A win-win deal

MobiCarSpa's Date of Commenced Operations :2009

Date Commenced Franchising / Distribution: 2012-13

What areas are available for Franchise? Nationwide

Is there exclusive territorial rights given? Yes

Are any performance assurances given to Partners/Franchisees? Yes. Optionally the luxury of taking over Signed Large Vehicle fleet or other such large Orders won by MobiCarSpa in big cities

What is the anticipated percentage return on investment? ROI Mentioned in the partnership document with a sample calculations.

What are the costing Details? Please see Fees section below.

What are there investments? Partner Fee and Cost of Unit (i.e. Cost of Machines, Accessories, Chemicals and Vehicle). Please see below for details

Will someone from Head Office assist me? Yes, ongoing support provided as well.

Do you have a standard Partner/Franchise Agreement? Yes, please contact us, we will share the agreement copy with serious prospects


The total investment for setting up a Car Wash outlet will be around INR 10 Lakhs, the amount is largely dependent on the amount spent for setting up the Outlet space. In few cities, we set up and handed it over to Franchisees, if that is what is desired. 

Alternately, for a Doorstep/Mobile Unit, the total one-time investment will be around INR 7 Lakhs (excluding Van). We have two models of business engagement, one is ‘Doorstep Franchisee’ which is the recommended model. However, we also offer a basic Partner model as well.

Doorstep Partner

Doorstep Franchisee

Outlet Franchisee

One-time Total Charges




Ongoing Fee




Exclusive Territory




Lead Generation Program



Yes, if required

Ongoing Consulting




Branded Large Signboard Designs, Small Signboard Banners, Standees, Stickers




Vehicle Branding




Branded Visiting Cards, Caps, T-Shirts, Flyers




Pricing Sheet, Ongoing Pricing ROI Consulting




Staff Training




Technology and Software, Website pages, Booking Software, Google listing, Social Media




Machine Procurement and Support




Can use MobiCarSpa brand?




Can Upgrade to Franchisee partnershipin future?

Yes (By paying the difference in fees)



Advanced Exterior Detailing, including Detailing Machines, Supplies and Continuous Ongoing Training
Yes, 50K extra on the total Charges

Yes, 50K extra on the total Charges
Yes, 50K extra on the total Charges

Note: In Select Cities, MobiCarSpa has large Travels companies and Big Restaurant chains as Customers already. Interested partners, can take the Service operations and manage this line of business as well, for a nominal fee. This will assure you an additional sustained revenue month after month

Lead Generation Program

 We use our powerful marketing and advertising engines to bring the right leads to you, month after month.
Channel A. The B2C Home order Leads, Mainly for Sofa Cleaning Orders or Car Interior Exterior Cleaning packages
Channel B. The B2B Commercial Business order Leads for brand partners costs, Mainly for Sofa/Chair Shampooing and Cleaning

Why MobiCarSpa?

The Brand

§ Print and electronic media has written articles and created documentaries after receiving a series of positive customer feedback and unique care care and fabric care model.

§ Years of high quality fabric care and car-care experience with strong technology background and online presence, coupled with word of mouth and viral social media that has established our brand in the minds of the people.

§ The assistance and support from MobiCarSpa allows you to be 2-3 years ahead of the competition

§ There are so many things that are simply better, e.g brand, technology, advertisement, user experience,education, presence, support, exclusive territory (10KM radius from the location you operate), customer re-call and more.

# 1 brand in Internet in Car care and Fabric care

# 2 brand in Car Wash franchisee outlets, right behind 3M in India.

# 1 brand in Doorstep Car Wash and Upholstery Cleaning

The only brand in India that provides a Lead Generation Program

Powered by Technology (beta)

§ GPS tracked, 3G Connected Devices in each Doorstep service car with real-time notification and order management. These devices with pre-configured apps will be configured for you, by MobiCarSpa.

§ You must ensure that, your device have a 3G connection/Mobile data to connect to our central servers.

§ Organized Taxi/Cab service is a good example that motivated us to bring professionalism and Technology into Doorstep Car Care and Upholstery cleaning services

Support and Consulting

§ Machine (that are proven in commercial heavy duty operations) and Cleaning Agents procurement

§ Exclusive tie-ups with top manufacturers across the globe, both for product import and after sales service.

§ Tests newer products, as they get launched, to test commercial viability in Indian conditions.

§ Branding – Staff Uniform, Caps,Stickers, Flyers, Banners:-With MobiCarSpa branding

§ Staff training and consulting:-Training at MobiCarSpa’s Bangalore headquarters for 2 weeks

§  Company incorporation help if required. Partners can of-course do the incorporation by themselves as well

Leads Comes to you!

§  We use our powerful marketing and advertising engine to bring the right leads to you, month after month. The leads generated from multi-channels will be routed to you 

§  We have tied up with many major tech parks, film cities and theme parks, malls, Apartments, bus coach owners, coffee chains, restaurants and online market place portals in India.

·   The leads from those channels, from your designated area will also be routed to you.

·   We will be working to create newer partners in your area as well.

§  High volume email marketing for targeted reach.

§  Online marketing,  electronic media/print media, other advertisement channels

§  A Mobile-first Web site

·   Online booking software integrated with Website

·   Customers can book from Mobile Phone as well.

§  Operational Invoice and Estimate generation software

§  Real-time booking notification with Push Alerts

Support for Maintenance and upkeep of Machines.

§   Yes, you can count on us. We will do all the coordination to ensure that, our Partner’s business is up and running, month after month. Year after year. 

§   Please note that, our success is dependent on your success.

·   The level of service that can be provided to customers would be nowhere near the quality that can be provided with our support

·   Above all, if you don’t run a MobiCarSpa in your area, someone else will. We are determined to increase our footprint across every single city in India, and thus working hard to make every partner succeed.


More Queries?

·   Are any performance guarantees given?

§   In most cities, we are having much higher demand than the supply.

§   Business Assurance program is designed to deliver results for two services. i.e Car Interior Cleaning and Sofa/Carpet/Bus Seat Cleaning at doorstep.

§   We give you the power to discontinue lead generation program if not happy, but we are confident of results, and do work hard to bring results, so that you are part of the program for years to come.

 Our success is dependent on your success.

·   What is the anticipated percentage return on investment?

§   100% in 12-18 months

·   What is the likely payback period of capital?

§   Anywhere between 12-to-18 months.

·   Are there other one-time investment requirements?

§   There are only 3 heading of Investments-Partnership Fee and Cost of Car (or outlet) and cost of Machinery and Chemicals

§   In the case of outlet, you save huge, if you have own premises

·   Will someone from Head Office assist me when i open my business?

§   Yes

·   What IT systems do you presently have that will be included?

§   Booking System. Desktop and Mobile Web Site for Online Booking

§   Booking Notifications on your Mobile

§   Online Marketing, Online Advertisement.

§   Software for creating quote and estimate to send to corporate customers.

§   Billing System, Credit/Debit Card payment acceptance system

§   Templates for communications, Employee Agreement Contracts, Salary Structure, ID card, Presentations aimed for Corporate orders etc...

§   IVRS enabled customer care system, customer care executive transferring calls and leads to you, Professional handling of customer calls.

§   Access to Customers who reached out to you, even when you missed the call, voice message

§  Access to Call recordings of Customer

§  Re-marketing, Customer Relationship Management tools

·   Do you have a standard Agreement/Contract?

§   Yes

·   How long is the franchise term valid for?

§   3 Years.

§    We do not like to call it a franchisee-franchisor model. You own your business, including vehicle and the machines and there is no long-term lock-in.

·   What Doorstep services that can be offered to customers with MobiCarSpa?

§   Car wash services, Car Interior Upholstery cleaning and steam sterilization services

§   Commercial or Home Sofa (Carpet/Office Chair/Bus Seats) shampooing and cleaning services

§   Basic and Premium Car Detailing Services